Jordan Family

Madilyn “Madi” Jordan is one little girl who stayed at RMHC of the Carolinas we will never forget. Her story is one of a young fighter and survivor from Anderson, S.C. At the age of just a year and a half, Madilyn and her parents Kristy and Chris received very bad news that she would have about 2 months to live. She had been diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer that had progressed further than expected.

Upon news of her diagnosis, Kristy and Chris, were offered a room at the Ronald McDonald House right across the street from Greenville Health System’s Children’s Hospital. It was a perfect situation for Madi as she was able to receive chemotherapy treatments and still feel like a normal child in the comforts of her own home. Madi was able to play in the play room and also enjoy a playground outside on the days she actually felt okay.

As the weeks went by and no improvements were made, Kristy started to become discouraged. It wasn’t until she came back to the House one afternoon that staff started to encourage her to keep pushing forward and give her the hope she needed to find her child a treatment plan. Kristy got on the computers provided at RMHCC and began researching where she could find more treatment plans for Madi. She found a doctor in Cincinnati that was working with children like Madi, but the only issue was she did not have money for airfare for three. As fate would have it, RMHCC staff had started a partnership with a nonprofit that was funding the needs of Pediatric Cancer patients. Staff reached out to them and Madi and her family were on their way to Cincinnati- all expenses paid. Their visit ended with Madi being put on a list for a liver transplant. She came back to RMHCC and continued treatment and a week and a half later received the call everyone had been waiting for. The doctor in Cincinnati had a liver ready for Madi. RMHCC paid for the Jordan’s cab ride to the airport, a private jet transport arranged by the hospital took them up and Madi received the liver to save her life.

Today Madi and her parents are living a happy, normal life in Anderson, S.C. Madi is a thriving elementary school student that has a special story to share with all for the rest of her life. Her mom, Kristy is a supporter of the House and to this day says, “If not for the encouragement and support of the House, we don’t know if Madi would be here today.”

Small girl in wheelchair smiling