Recycle Program
pop tab donation3

Collecting pop tabs is a fun and easy way to give back to the Ronald McDonald House in Greenville – perfect for all ages and groups. When large amounts of aluminum pop tabs are collected at the House, we take them to a recycling center. According to the price of aluminum, the recycling center gives us a check. This check goes back into the House for general operating expenses – keeping our doors open to continue to serve our families.

Once you have collected a large amount of tabs, you may bring them to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas. Our house is located at 706 Grove Road Greenville, SC 29605. Our office hours are:

Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Sunday 1:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

You may bring pop tabs anytime our office is open. Make sure they are 100% aluminum (if a magnet sticks, it is not aluminum). Please mark your container (just one paper note will do for the whole donation) with the organization/individual’s name and address.

Why do you only collect the tabs from cans?

The pop tabs are made of different quality aluminum and are more easily recycled than cans. They are cleaner and easier to handle when receiving large volumes, however the amount of money received is determined by the weight of aluminum collected. These pop tabs can make a big impact when collected in numbers. The Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas recycles both aluminum cans and pop tabs, we simply request that the aluminum can be rinsed and crushed before bringing to the Recycling Center at our House.

Pop Tab Measurement Equivalents

1 inch = 1 pop tab
1 foot = 12 pop tabs
1 pound = 1,267 pop tabs
1 mile = 63,360 pop tabs

Million Tabs Club

The Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas began collecting aluminum pop tabs for membership in the Million Tab Club on October 15, 2009. If you join, you will be welcomed as members of the club when you reach one million tabs collected. There is no expected end date in sight as we hope to eventually go to the billion club.

You may start collecting aluminum tabs in any large container. There is no need to count the tabs. One pound equals approximately 1,000 tabs, therefore 1,000 pounds equals one million tabs. You are responsible for weighing and keeping track of the pounds you have collected. You are on the honor system! You do not have to wait to bring your tabs until you have a million tabs collected. In fact, most schools and organizations bring their tabs twice a year.

Just to give you an idea of how much one million tabs look like: If you collect the tabs in the cardboard Houses that we sell to the public, it takes 200 of the large ones to make one million tabs. If you collect them in regular sized copy paper boxes, it takes about 50 to 55 (depending on how full you pack them) of those to make a million.

The program is open to schools, church groups, organizations or individuals. Members will receive a certificate and will be listed on the plaque which resides inside our House.

We would love to have you or your group participate in our Million Tab Club! Contact Tegan Hance, Volunteer Services Coordinator, at 235-0506 or by email.

Pop Tab Bracelets For Sale

Many canned drinks have colored pop tabs. Our volunteers use those colored pop tabs to make unique bracelets (one size fits all). Pop Tab bracelets are sold for $8 each, this $8 donation helps pay for a families stay at our House for one night. All proceeds go directly to our House!