Teen Leadership Board

The Teen Leadership Board is a group comprised of high school students that serve as ambassadors for Ronald McDonald House Charities® of the Carolinas to their school, family and peers.

*Due to Covid-19 the 2021-22 TLB school year may utilize virtual meetings and will require temperature checks upon arrival to in-person meetings/events, the use of face masks, and for students to practice social distancing within Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas. Students who are not comfortable with or unable to attend any in-person meeting can virtually attend. 

Future Leaders Working Together for Good

Students of the Teen Leadership Board will serve as ambassadors for the families of the the Ronald McDonald House Charities® of the Carolinas.  The mission of this group is for students to gaining leadership skills and fundraising experience so that they may take those skills and become life-long volunteers within the Upstate of South Carolina.

As ambassadors of the Ronald McDonald House Charities®, Teen Leadership Board members will work together to raise awareness, donate their time, and provide needed volunteer efforts to benefit the house.

Become a Teen Leadership Board Member

Members of Ronald McDonald House Charities® of the Carolinas Teen Leadership Board are aspiring leaders within their communities. Members must be a high school student within the board year they apply and commit to program for the entire school year.

Want to be a part of our Teen Leadership Board and serve as an ambassador to the families we help? Interested members must fill out an application and interview with our Teen Leadership Board advisor committee. There will be a minimum of 10 members and a maximum of 24 member each school year, all applications may not be accepted into the program.

Serve on the Executive Committee of the Teen Leadership Board

Our Teen Board Executive Committee is in charge of making sure our meetings, events and service opportunities function smoothly and that the mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities® remains the focus throughout the school year . Here are the four executive committees positions we’re currently seeking students for:

  • PRESIDENT – Leads meetings and ensures that members fulfill their responsibilities, conduct TLB businesseffectively and efficiently and are accountable for their performance.
  • VICE PRESIDENT – Oversees signature events (T-Shirt Fundraiser), manages membership recognition and serves as TLB photographer.
  • SECRETARY – Takes meeting minutes, manages TLB group communications and attendance, and connects members with House happenings.
  • SERVICE CHAIR – Oversees signature events (T-Shirt Fundraiser) and assists members with the planning and implementation of their leadership service activities and Big Give Events.

2020 – 2021 Teen Leadership Board

  • Mary Cage Carter
    Mary Cage Carter President
  • James Delano
    James Delano Vice President
  • Ellie Grace Ackerman
    Ellie Grace Ackerman Secretary
  • Saif Agha
    Saif Agha Service Chair
  • Annabelle Backus
    Annabelle Backus Board Member
  • Natalie Boatman
    Natalie Boatman Board Member
  • Ella Kate Brannon
    Ella Kate Brannon Board Member
  • Bryson Bruster
    Bryson Bruster Board Member
  • McCain Childress
    McCain Childress Board Member
  • Edie Cole
    Edie Cole Board Member
  • Jojo Cruz-Bedolla
    Jojo Cruz-Bedolla Board Member
  • Emily Eicher
    Emily Eicher Board Member
  • Clara Lawrence
    Clara Lawrence Board Member
  • Kit Moore
    Kit Moore Board Member
  • Karolina Montalvo
    Karolina Montalvo Board Member
  • Abigail Pickens
    Abigail Pickens Board Member
  • Charlotte Rosenfeld
    Charlotte Rosenfeld Board Member
  • Margo Schellinger
    Margo Schellinger Board Member
  • Rishita Tikkala
    Rishita Tikkala Board Member
  • Emma Vagnoni
    Emma Vagnoni Board Member
  • Shea Waters
    Shea Waters Board Member
  • Elizabeth Whelehan
    Elizabeth Whelehan Board Member