Our Relationship with McDonald’s

For more than 40 years McDonald’s has opened their hearts to us. Their generosity in 1974 helped Ronald McDonald House Charities get started, and their generosity today helps provide overnight stays at Houses across the world—even right here in our own neighborhood.

Our Mission Partner

From the moment the doors opened at the first Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia, the McDonald’s System made up of owner/operators, suppliers, employees and customers, have called our mission their own. Providing an invaluable partnership, McDonald’s has supported us every step of the way, fueling our growth from the original House to a multi-national network of family-centered programs serving more than seven million children and families annually.

Thanks to the unwavering support we receive from our GSA (Greenville, Spartanburg, Asheville) area McDonald’s restaurants and owner/operators we are able to impact countless lives by giving children support, stability and the best medicine of all – their families by their side.

We Need Your Support

Although McDonald’s is our most significant and long-term partner, no one company or individual can solely fund the growing need for our programs and services. Your support, as well as the support of our entire community, is needed and greatly valued. The help you give Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas, through funding, time or fundraising efforts, makes it possible for many ill children to heal better because their parents are nearby.