Facebook Fundraiser Guide

Make an Impact Through Social Media

Through the power of social media, you can keep families together by creating a Facebook fundraiser! Dedicate your birthday, anniversary, special event, or make a fundraiser to support Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas. Facebook makes raising funds easy, exciting, and secure.

For a successful fundraiser, here are a few tips to help you reach your fundraising goal.

Getting Started

It’s easy to create your Facebook fundraiser! Just CLICK HERE and Facebook will guide you through the setup. In a few short clicks you will be ready to go!

Personalizing Your Fundraiser

When you set up your fundraiser, you can make it your own!

  • Determine your personal fundraising goal. We suggest starting your goal at $267 (covers a weekend stay for a family), but you can always adjust it to how you see fit.
  • Set a time frame. A good time to end your fundraiser is about 4 days after your birthday or event.
  • Give your fundraiser a catchy and descriptive title. Facebook will autofill with a suggestion but feel free to make it different. Some examples are:
    • “I’m Donating my Birthday to RMHCC”
    • “Your Name” fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas
    • Join “your name” to Help Keep Families Together at RMHC of the Carolinas
  • In the description section, this is your chance to share why supporting RMHC of the Carolinas is so important to you. Facebook autofill’s this section but feel free to edit it so your supporters know why they should donate. Need help? We’ve put together an example you can use below:
    • Help me keep families with sick children together by supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas.
    • RMHC of the Carolinas helps families with sick children stay close to each other and the care and resources they need, when they need it most.
    • When children must travel long distances to access top medical care, accommodations become necessary for families. Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas is a “home-away-from-home” for families so they can stay close to their children receiving medical care at nearby Greenville hospitals at little or no cost. RMHCC provides meals, peer support, respite, laundry and many other services families need while their children are being cared for. RMHCC enables family-centered care, ensuring families are fully supported and actively involved in their children’s care.
    • Let’s give a family with a sick child what they need most – each other!
  • Choose a cover photo for your fundraiser. You can use one of ours (Facebook will provide) or you upload your own.

Facebook Fundraising Pro-Tips

Your page is setup, now what? Here are a few tips that can help take your fundraiser to the next level!

  • Share your fundraiser on your personal page often to remind friends your raising funds for an important cause. Include a caption explaining why RMHCC is important to you
  • If you can, donate to your fundraiser 1st! When people see that you have made a gift, they will likely follow.
  • Directly invite your Facebook friends to donate to your page. They will be notified you are raising money.
  • Post in your fundraiser frequently! Feel free to reach out to us if you need materials to share about RMHCC. Also see below RMHCC facts you can use.
  • When someone donates, be sure to comment with a thank you.
  • Keep the momentum going. Share with your friends how your fundraiser is going by posting milestones. Example: “Thank you! We have met 50% of our goal!”

Resources and Facts to Share on your Fundraising Page

  • Youtube channel
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas helps families with sick children stay close to each other and the care and resources they need, when they need it most.
  • RMHCC believes that when a child is sick, the entire family needs comfort and support
  • RMHCC reduces the stress of families with an ill or injured child by providing physical and emotional support to all family members
  • RMHCC strives to help alleviate the isolation and stress families feel when they have an ill or injured child
  • Ronald McDonald House serves families who have traveled far from home for the medical care their child needs
  • Families can stay for a week, a few months or even longer. The average stay for a family is 8 nights.
  • It cost around $89 a night to house a family. We ask for a $10 donation per night from families to stay. However, no family is ever turned away due to their inability to contribute.


When I donate through Facebook, does my entire donation go to RMHCC?

Yes! Facebook does not charge any fees for donations to nonprofits. We are registered with Facebook Payments and 100% of the donation goes directly to our account.

Do I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes. When someone donates on Facebook, a payment receipt is sent to the primary email listed on their Facebook account.

Are donations made on Facebook tax-deductible?

A donation to a nonprofit through its Facebook Page or a fundraiser on Facebook may be tax-deductible. Since tax laws vary by country and region, you should consult a tax professional or review the laws for your area to determine whether a donation is tax-deductible.

After you make a donation, a confirmation will be sent to the primary email listed on your Facebook account. This confirmation shows that you’ve made this donation as a charitable contribution and that you’re not receiving any goods or services in return.

Will my donation on Facebook be seen by my friends?

When you donate to a fundraiser on Facebook, your donation may be visible to:

  • Your friends, if you choose to share it
  • The fundraiser creator
  • The organization or group the funds benefit (for nonprofit fundraisers)

The dollar amount of your donation will not be shared with anyone outside of the fundraiser creator and the person, group, or nonprofit that will receive the funds.

If you need any further assistance on your fundraise, please contact our Development Manager, Michael Lanier at [email protected]

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