The Rolle Family

Curtis and Shirletta Rolle traveled over 1,100 miles from Nassau, Bahamas with their son, Jerome, and his two brothers to stay at the Ronald McDonald House in Greenville, South Carolina. Jerome was born with Talipes Equinovaru, also known as club feet, meaning he was born with his feet twisting inward towards his torso. Although club feet are a more common foot deformity in infants (one in every 1,000 live births) Jerome’s case was more severe, requiring surgery, casting and intensive physical therapy.

While staying at Ronald McDonald House, the Rolle family celebrated Christmas, New Years, Mother’s Day and Jerome’s third birthday! Through the support of volunteers, staff, and supporters we were able to make each Holiday the Rolles spent away from their home special for every member of the family. “At Christmas time it was very exciting! The children loved Santa Claus, all the picture taking, and toys!” Shirletta explain.

After five months of calling Ronald McDonald House home, the Rolle family was ready to return to Nassau, Bahamas. However, one week before their planned trip, COVID-19 swept through the United States, resulting in the cancellation of all international flights. Due to this, the Rolle family stayed an additional three months before they were able to return home. In June 2020 the family of five was able to return home after a total of 216 nights at Ronald McDonald House.

The Rolle family is thankful for Upstate Church, the RMHC staff and all the volunteers that helped make the Ronald McDonald House a home away from home while their son received treatment. Shirletta explained, “In every way, Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas helped with my son’s recovery. We were all given the strength and love we needed during this difficult time.”

Small girl in wheelchair smiling