Support RMHC Carolinas by Donating Old or Unused Keys

When large amounts of keys are collected at the House, we take them to a recycling center. According to the price of brass and nickel, the recycling center gives us a check. This check goes back into the House for general operating expenses – keeping our doors open to continue to serve our families.

Collect and donate any old and unwanted keys to be recycled for the House. By donating a key, you open a door for a family in need.

One Family’s Trash is Another Family’s Treasure

Collecting keys is a fun and easy way to give back to the Ronald McDonald House in Greenville – perfect for all ages and groups. You may start collecting keys in any large container. There is no need to count the keys.

You may bring keys to the House anytime our office is open—just check out our office hours! Make sure they are sorted separately from pop tabs. Please mark your container (just one paper note will do for the whole donation) with the organization/individual’s name and address.

Have questions about donating keys?

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